Service suiting Your needs...

At True Blue Protection, we realize that every client is unique and has specific needs. We utilize our decades of elite law enforcement experience when designing a custom security plan that will not only meet those unique needs but exceed all of your expectations. Our mission is to always match our clients with the very best security experts.

What makes us different...

First and most importantly, we are licensed, bonded and insured which is rare in the security industry. We only employ SWAT officers and other special operators who are expertly trained, highly experienced, thoroughly professional and in exceptional physical condition. Unlike our competition, we have been working and training with our operators for many years, giving us the stability and experience needed to provide consistently superlative service.

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What We Offer...

Executive Protection

Protection for high-profile individuals, families, executives and dignitaries. These individuals are often the target of kidnappings, robberies, extortion, stalking and other criminal offenses.

Celebrity Details

Well known public figures face many unique challenges navigating their daily lives.

Visiting Dignitaries

True Blue Protection specializes in providing diplomatic level security services and protection for visiting dignitaries as well as their families.

Security Driver

True Blue Protection provides highly trained security drivers and vehicles for our clients. These services are available with or without our other protective services, all dependent on your individual needs.

Uniformed Patrols

True Blue Protection offers a full division of armed uniformed private security guards to meet all of your needs. Residential, commercial, industrial, special events... we've got you covered.

Event Security

Criminal offenses against high-profile individuals, families, executives and dignitaries are on the rise. These individuals are often the target of kidnappings, robberies, extortion and stalking for example.

Next Step...

At True Blue Protection our goal is to exceed your every expectation in the way we handle of all of your security needs. Contact us to discuss your specialized security plan.